Wedding Photographers in Sligo – Real Wedding Moment

    Wedding photographers in Sligo-Real wedding moments.

    From now on every few weeks we will be doing blog posts with some of our favorite Wedding Moments. Today’s real Wedding Moment is from a beautiful wedding we shot in Tubbercurry in Co Sligo of Fiona and Michaels big day. This was a great alternative wedding in the Big Red Barn in Co.Sligo.

    One of our favorite moments of the morning preparations is when the bride gets into her dress,this is when it all becomes very real. All the preparations come together at this point and the anticipation of the day that lies ahead begins to build.

    On this occasion Fiona had just got fitted into her dress and was about to walk down the hallway of her beautiful country home. This is where you have to make the decision of which perspective you are going to capture. This is a Real Wedding Moment and there’s never going to be a retake or second chance so its imperative to get it right. The two different perspective’s we captured during this moment was Fionas reaction to her Family as she walked down the hall and also her family’s reactions to seeing her for the first time in her stunning wedding dress. This is always a proud moment for a family and always one of our favorite moments to photograph.

    One Real wedding moment with two different perspectives all in a split second. Even the Videographer from made an appearance in this one. This is a perfect example of how we capture the day as it happens,we look for Real Wedding Moments not perfect static posed shots. I think the Videographers presence and reaction even adds to this image and makes it a true real Wedding Moment.

    Enjoy the images.

    Wedding Moments are Wedding Photographers in Sligo and we specialize in Wedding photography and cinematic wedding videos. Our style is relaxed and we capture the day as it happens with minimal interference. If you feel our style of wedding photography would meet your needs for your big day please contact us on 00353 86 3897624 or email

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    February 6, 2017