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    Wedding Video Roscommon-Real Wedding Moments

    Claire & David

    Wedding video Roscommon

    Real wedding moments and the importance of hiring professionals.

    Today’s real wedding moment is a fantastic one. This wedding video in Roscommon was filmed in Arigna Co.Roscommon. The reception was held in the Beautiful historic Kilronan Castle just outside Keadue, a small village in Co. Roscommon.

    Every so often when filming and photographing weddings we come across small hitches. Usually minor ones and we deal with them as we come upon them. Not everything goes to plan with a live event, you don’t get any retakes or opportunities to do things differently afterwards and this is why it’s always so important to be working with true professionals who are on the same level.

    On this occasion just as Claire and her dad arrived at Arigna Church the power went in the entire village. This is actually the second time this has happened during a wedding I have been working at. The first time was about five years ago in Galway and what happened was far from ideal. The wedding singer hired for the had little or no experience. Unfortunately she hadn’t the confidence to improvise or sing a cappella with no instruments. The bride had no choice but to walk up the aisle with no music and the ceremony was left without any music for the entire mass.  I couldn’t help but feel sorry for both the bride and the musician at the time. Walking up the aisle is probably one of the most important moments for any bride. This is definitely one of those wedding moments I think every bride rehearses in her head a million times over before the big day.

    Thankfully this occasion was a lot different, Claire had a well established wedding singer booked to sing at her wedding. Experienced and confident, everything you would want in a singer to perform at your wedding. This was of course the award winning Olivia o Hanlon music. I’ve met Olivia at lots of weddings over the years so handling something like this was never going to be a problem for her.

    It’s always important when handling situations like this that there is no signs of panic etc. A ‘no big deal’ approach is always the best way to avoid any stress being passed onto the bride. We are all professionals and we deal with each situation that may arise in the best way we can and the bride always comes first. Olivia very calmly and quietly went outside and explained to Claire that there was a power cut in the church and that she was going to sing a cappella from the top of the aisle with no P.A. The show must go on after all.

    From a wedding videography and wedding Photography point of view dealing with this situation was a little bit more straight forward to deal with but it also had its challenges.  I was working along side the talented Steve Rogers photography on the day who is always a pleasure to work with. I’ve included some of Steve’s pictures in this post. Both myself and Steve had to shoot the wedding with a lot less light but with the correct lens and technique its nothing we haven’t faced before. Prior to the wedding starting i quickly re-exposed my third camera angle on the balcony to allow for more light and I attached a microphone to Olivia to ensure quality sound was recorder.

    Claire walked up the aisle to Olivia O Hanlon singing the traditional Irish folk song ‘She moved through the fair’. This was singing in its purest form and sometimes unplanned moments prove to work even better than what was originally planned.

    I hope this wedding video in Roscommon highlights the importance of hiring professionals for your wedding day.


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    February 18, 2017