Here’s a little guide that we hope might help with your wedding planning over the next while.

So you’ve just ticked off a very important thing on your wedding to-do list, you hired us! We couldn’t be happier that you’ve chosen us to capture your beautiful wedding day!

We honestly never take it for granted what a privilege it is to not only be a part of your wedding day but to capture your love story to be treasured for generations to come. 

We understand that this is probably your first time entering into the world of weddings and it can be a minefield but we are here to guide you through and arm you with as much information as possible.

Here is a little guide that we hope might help you get started with your wedding plans.

First things first!

You are more than likely still in the early stages of planning your big day and there is lots to consider! This is a time when countless hours can be lost scrolling through social media looking for ideas for your wedding and googling things over and over again! So here are a few little steps to consider to try and steer you in the right direction over the next few months.

12 + months until your wedding

  • Put together a rough guest list to get an idea of how many guests may be attending your wedding. Putting all the names in an Excel spreadsheet is a really handy way of keeping track of everyone and you can add as you go along.
  • Make a list of all the suppliers you need for your wedding day such as florists, cakes, ceremony music etc, and start booking them now so it’s done and dusted!
  • The dreaded B word, BUDGET! It’s easy to get carried away and want everything! To keep things in check, come up with a budget you are both happy with and keep a list of what everything is going to cost, excel is your friend!
  • Make a wishlist of extra things you would love at your wedding. Maybe you’d love a coffee cart outside after the ceremony, music entertainment for your drinks reception, whatever it is, write it down and if there is still money in the budget towards the wedding then indulge in your wishlist!  
  • Start looking at bridal shops that you’d like to visit. Research is key and recommendations always help. Once you have a list of places to visit, make some appointments and enjoy some fab girly days out!

What Next!

6-8 months until your wedding

  • Start booking your pre-marriage course (If you are getting married in a Catholic Church) there are still legal documents that are required regardless of the type of wedding you are having if you want it to be a legally binding wedding. You need to give the state at least 3 months notice of your intention to marry and there are a few documents to gather so give yourself plenty of time with this. 
  • Now is a good time to be ordering your cake, finalising flowers, looking at grooms & groomsmen suits, bridesmaids dresses, ceremony music etc.  
  • Start researching your honeymoon & when you think you’ll go!
  • Order your wedding invites and make sure you include the following information (The names/name of who you are inviting, the date, time & year of the wedding, the location of your ceremony and reception venue. Indicate if there is a dress code e.g. black tie, provide details for them to RSVP to you such as a phone number, email address or postal address, a list of accommodation near by incase your venue can only hold certain numbers.   

Almost there!

2-3 months until your wedding

  • Choose & order your wedding rings
  • Buy your shoes & accessories
  • Organise your meal tasting at your wedding venue
  • Arrange a hair & makeup trial
  • Organise any gifts you plan on getting for each other/parents/bridesmaids & groomsmen
  • Send out your wedding invites at least 6 weeks in advance of the wedding
  • Arrange a fitting for your wedding dress

The final countdown!

  • Finalise the details in your ceremony booklets
  • Review & finalise your RSVP list and do up your table plan
  • Call all of your suppliers and make any last little adjustments
  • Pack your bag in advance of the wedding day that you will be bringing to your venue
  • A spare shirt for the groom (just in case!)
  • Pack your wedding car (if you are having one) with snacks, bubbles, umbrella’s, comfortable footwear for the photoshoot & a little shawl for the bride (depending on the time of year)
  • Go get married!!

We will be on hand throughout your wedding planning journey, we are just a call away!

Keep an eye out for our wedding blogs for inspiration along the way.

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