About us

Our little love story!

“The plot that thickened fast”

Like a lot of great Irish love stories, ours began in a pub back in 2014! We had quite the ‘sliding doors’ moment when we met! Picture the scene! Mairéad was living in Galway on a girl’s night out meanwhile Johnny was on a lad’s weekend away also in Galway! Fast forward a couple of hours later and Johnny was ready to call it a night (he literally had one foot in a taxi!) when his friends convinced him to have one more drink for the road! It just so happens that the pub Johnny was reluctantly dragged into was the same pub that little old Mairéad was in! Our chance to meet nearly didn’t happen! We got chatting and our love of photography quickly had us hooked and the rest is history! We are now the proud owners of our fur baby Holly and actual babies Lily & Danny! Together we are Wedding Moments and we have been passionately telling your love stories ever since ours began & we cannot wait to tell yours.


I am a Sligo-born and bred, true homebird that never strayed too far from friends and family. School was never my forte so the working world suited me from the get-go! I’ve always worked with my hands and I operate a technical mind, unless I am working on something that really interests me, my mind simply wanders! 

I shot my very first wedding in 2010 and little did I know, the journey it would take me on shooting weddings all over Ireland.

For me being a wedding videographer is not just about recording moments, it’s about weaving a narrative and crafting a story of moments to be treasured forever.

When I’m not shooting weddings you’ll find me somewhere outdoors, camping with my family or practicing the martial art of Jiu Jitsu in my local club.


I’m Mairéad, the storyteller and photographer behind the lens at Wedding Moments. Before diving into the world of wedding photography, I had budding dreams of a career in Radio & Media after studying both in Dublin. However, the universe had a different plan! The itch to travel got the better of me and I set off on my travels to Australia where I spent two amazing years seeing amazing places and meeting fabulous people from every corner of the globe. After a spell of traveling through Indonesia and Southeast Asia, it was time for home.

After two lovely years in Galway, I set up camp with Johnny in Sligo. Now a Mum to my two crazy, energetic, strong-willed amazing kids my travels have turned to camping up and down the Wild Atlantic Way as a family.

While my days of studying communications were left behind in Dublin, the essence of connecting with people followed me into my role as a wedding photographer. I have the privilege of meeting new and amazing people at every wedding and capturing your love story through my lens!

Our approach & how we tell your love story.

People often ask us, are we not sick of shooting weddings yet? The short answer is no! Where else do you get to go to work where you are surrounded by love, happiness, and joy every day? We feel so privileged to be a part of one of the most important days of your lives and to capture those memories for generations to come.

Our aim going into each wedding is to capture as much of the real and raw emotions that come with each wedding. We want to remind you of those emotions every time you look back over your wedding photographs and replay your wedding film.

A bride & groom are the central characters of any wedding. But for any couple, the reason you have a wedding in the first place is generally to celebrate your love surrounded by your family, friends, and loved ones. That is why we want you to spend as much time with your guests as possible. When you are with your guests we are too. We will be tucked away in the background capturing all the laughter, the tears, and everything in between.

We tell your story, your way.